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The Basic Witch Kit

The Basic Witch Kit

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Turn every moment of your day into a ceremony with The Basic Witch Kit. Light a candle, set an intention, use the Sage & Palo Santo to cleanse your space, take your crystal with you and settle into your daily ritual.

Each kit comes in a sturdy gifting box, a guide to each ritual item in the box and how to use it, a link to check out further ritual guidance at, ethically sourced Palo Santo & Sage sticks, a black tourmaline crystal that has been cleansed & energetically charged, an abalone shell to hold your smudge sticks matches and month of free virtual breathwork at

NOTE - If this is a gift, please note what you want the note to say in the Special Instructions at Check Out.


  • Black Tourmaline is a stone used for protection & cleansing. It is powerful for both your body and soul. It represents the purification of the emotional body. It is also a symbol of strength. It is known to reduce strength and anxiety and increase physical vitality. It's great to hold in your hand or keep on your body.
  • Sage is an herb used in ancient rituals to cleanse a space or person. Hold the sage at a 45-degree angle, light it, let it burn for about 20 seconds, and then gently blow out the flame so that you see orange embers on one end.
  • Palo Santo is a sacred tree native to South America. It is traditionally used the energizing and healing properties of palo santo to purify the air, dispel evil spirits, and cleanse negative energy. Light it the same way you light the sage.
  • Abelone Shell is used to hold your sage & palo between uses.
  • Small Candle
  • Matches
  • Free Month of Breathe with Regina - Breathwork Membership: Want to pair your Witch Kit with a beautiful ritual? With your purchase of The Witch Kit, you get a free month of Breathe With Regina - a virtual breathwork membership that allows you to drop in, clear the stress, and find presence in your body, all through your breath. Visit to learn more about the membership! 
  • Dimensions: The box is 4x4x2
  • Crystals have been cleansed, blessed & charged.
  • Country of Origin: The contents have been imported.
  • NOTE - If this is a gift, please note what you want the note to say in the Special Instructions at Check Out.

  • *** Wholesale Pricing Available for orders of 10 or more. Send an email to with the subject "WHOLESALE PRICING REQUEST" and we will fulfill your orders at a discount!
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Want to learn more about how to use all the ceremonial items in your Witch Kit?

Check out The Witch Kit Blog for videos to show you how you can use these ceremonial items in your day to day life!

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