What is Sage for Smudging and Clearing Energy

What is Sage for Smudging and Clearing Energy

Sage has a very long history in ancient times for several purposes. From boosting female fertility to warding off evil, smudging sage is the way to clear and improve energy flow. It originated in the Mediterranean as one of that period's most important herbs. Sage utilizes the Romans to assist digestion, which treats ulcers and sore throats.

In addition, the French turned sage into tea, and once the Chinese tried it, they sought the herb. Then traded large amounts of Chinese tea for a fraction of the sage. During the early 800s AD, sage was an essential crop with medicinal properties. It includes a lucrative trade business.

Are you interested in smudging sage to enhance your health? Sage is used in traditional medicine as a spice and to enhance health. It improves the home's air quality and lessens your clinical depression. 

What is Sage

Sage is part of the mint family as an evergreen shrub. It has dusty and oval gray-green leaves with woody stems. Therefore, the light, velveteen hair-like projections on sage leaves are fuzzy. That is why its appearance and cottony texture make it unpleasant to eat raw. There are wide varieties of sage. However, it is also common for culinary, gardening, and home purposes.

Generally, sage has a unique scent and flavor that brings complexity and warmth to people. It also works well with other herbs in various foods, from seafood and meat to butter and lemon. The leaves, dried or fresh, and powdered and rubbed versions, are also used in recipes.

Uses of Sage

There are many varieties of sage used for medical and culinary purposes. The most common is Salvia Officinalis which is also known as common sage. Other edible varieties include Salvia plebeia and Salvia lavandulaefolia.

Sage contains some different ingredients that are thought to have health benefits. These include:

  • Phenolic Acid

These plant-based chemicals have antioxidant properties. It can protect the cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

  • Camphor

The oily substance gives sage its pungent aroma. For that reason, people popularly use it in ointments and topical creams. Also, it includes camphor that stimulates nerve endings. It produces a warm and cool sensation when applied gently.

  • Carnosic acid and carnosol

These have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They directly activate a molecule known as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma. PPAR-gamma helps regulate inflammation, blood sugar, and lipids, among other things.

Why Do People Burn Sage? 

The wellness culture has given the age-old tradition of burning plants in rites and ceremonies new life. But here's something to think about before spending a fortune on a DIY process. Yet, this attempts to remove the bad vibes your ex left hanging around your flat. For that reason, white sage also has long been burnt by Native Americans. It includes the societies and a ceremonial smudging practice.

Smudging Sage Benefits

Energy work has a few good reasons to smudge sage that could benefit your health. Take a look at these benefits.

  • Lower Cholesterol

Sage has cholesterol-lowering effects. People who are given between 400 mg to 1500 mg of sage daily can achieve an improvement in their blood lipids. Its improvement effects after three months. Additionally, the sage is taken as either powder, tea, or a supplement.

  • Boosts the Mood

Sometimes, focusing on what's bothering you makes your mood different. Yet, the purpose of burning sage is to set an intention. It is precisely one that's uplifting and positive. For that reason, a sage burning practice can fit nicely into your de-stressing routine. And before you meditate, make your evening tea or take a hot bath. 

  • Cancer Prevention

The components of sage can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in test tubes. These components include ursolic acid, carnosol, and rosmarinic acid. There are cases of activity against the following types of cancer cells.

  • Invoke Calm and Reduces Stress

The key to utilizing sage's stress-relieving and calming benefits is to practice smudging it. Some people also like to smudge sage in the morning to start their day on a positive and relaxing note. It is an energetic field after being around large groups of people, before meditation or after work.

Use an aromatherapy diffuser when you're busy and don't have time to smudge a bundle of sage. It works well with sage essential oil to help relieve stress.

  • Focus Improvement

Sage helps you recenter your thoughts if you're feeling unfocused and confused. And using aromatherapy in your office is best in this case. However, the smoke from smudging sage can be distracting and adds confusion. But the use of diffusing oil helps reap the benefits quickly. It gives you the mental clarity you need to get through your day. 

  • Excessive Sweating

Sage can help with excessive sweating that occurs with changes in hormones. It happens to people who are struggling with excessive perspiration. For that reason, sage has reduced sweat production in people with hyperhidrosis. That is why sage is taken with 2.6 to 4.5g of the leaf.

  • Nervous Exhaustion

Sage is helpful for nervous exhaustion and nervous tension. It might sound odd as sage is rarely associated with helping the nervous system. But the volatile oils bind to the GABA receptors. That means it can help with increasing the feeling of well-being. It also induces a more relaxed feel which can help with anxious feelings. All of this contributes to reducing exhaustion and nervous tension. So if you feel stressed, sage is a great option to consider. 

  • Memory Improvement

Sage helps improve memory and senses. It can help you remember things more efficiently. Commonly, sage was like Alzheimer's patients suffering from mild to moderate symptoms. After four months of using sage, they showed significant memory and mood improvement with no side effects. It may be due to sage's antioxidant actions. 

  • Decreases Reflux Disease

Sage is one solution if you suffer from reflux disease. Its health benefits extend to help calm the digestive system and reduce cramping. In some countries like Germany, using sage supports and treats dyspeptic symptoms. Hence, The oil components of this plant help relax the digestive system. That is why it can reduce cramping and spasms, which helps reduce reflux. 

  • Antibacterial and Antiseptic

Sage is well known for its antibacterial and antiseptic actions. For that reason, volatile oils help inhibit bacterial organism growth. It is mainly in the mouth and gums. That is why using sage is in a throat spray. So, if you can stop the bacteria from traveling further, it can help reduce your chances of getting sick. 

  • Relief for Sore Throats 

Sage leaf helps with infection and inflammation of the mouth and the throat. Also, it is helpful for gingivitis and sore throats, including gastritis. Moreover, topical use of a sage throat spray in clinical trials has been positive. It shows that it relieves the pain of acute sore throats. 

  • Help Manage Menopausal Symptoms

Research suggests that taking a common extract of Sage can improve symptoms of menopause, particularly in hot flashes and night sweats. That's a piece of good news for women who are struggling in the menopausal stage. 

  • Reduce Blood Sugar Level

Traditionally, the leaves of common Sage are commonly used as a remedy against diabetes. That’s why many people believe that it can effectively lower blood sugar levels. At the same time, Sage leaves extract is also popularly known to improve insulin sensitivity. 

How to Sage your House to Clear Negative Energy

Smudging with dried herbs has been a part of smudging for many years. Home smudging has advantages that go beyond spiritual ones. Sage is thought to be cleansing and can eliminate a lot of pollutants. For that reason, it is where you breathe in daily, such as paint, chemicals, and cleaning supply fumes. It's bacterial-resistant too. This practice has crossed cultural boundaries and is now widespread in modern society. If you've previously used white sage to purify your environment, smudging your home on relocation day might be a necessary ritual for you.

These are the procedures to take when burning a sage:

Step-by-Step Smudging 

  • You'll need a container to ignite the sage in to get started. It could be an incense tray or a bowl to catch the remains after sage is burned. 

  • A sage burner is purchased as well. Put some dirt or sand inside. Use only non-flammable containers, and always have water on hand. 

  • It would be best to open a window or doorway before lighting the sage. As a result, the smoke might leave your home. 

  • To light the burning material, place the sage inside of it. 

  • Blow it out to keep the smoke going after letting it burn for a few seconds. If somehow the smoke gets pushed back out, try lighting it again. 

  • Develop an intention for your actions if you employ the sage for religious purposes. Say something like, "This could be the day changes start to happen." 

  • Let smoke enter each room you want to purify as you make your way there. 

  • Don't let the smoke get too thick in any area. Avoid immediately breathing in the smoke.

Where to Buy Sage

Sage is included in The Witch Kit! We have ethically sourced sage that will be perfect for your smudging and rituals. 


Keep it wrapped and refrigerated in plastic or the original plastic clamshell container. Fresh sage will stay good for up to one week. Once fresh sage has wilted, the flavor diminishes and changes significantly. 

What Can You Do With Sage?

Take a look at these unique and creative ways of sage for yourself or at home: 

  • Wound Compress 

Follow the same instruction for a hot sage infusion. Once it has cooled, soak a clean cloth or bandages in the tea. Then use it as a compress on wounds that need support to heal. 

  • Hot infusion 

A great way to start using sage and its health benefits is to make a hot infusion. Take one tablespoon of chopped fresh, one teaspoon of dried sage, and 150ml hot water. Then, leave the mixture to cool with a plate on top to catch all the volatile oils. Once cool, use this as a gargle if you have irritated gums or throat. 

Sage is practical with antimicrobials. It is due to its pro-oxygen radical stirring and anti-tumor activity. Luckily, thanks to growing pharmacological knowledge about its beneficial effects. Sage is now used to develop new herbal treatments to prevent and treat complex diseases. It includes diabetes, Alzheimer's, and cancer. Therefore, sage is a very potent plant that can improve memory. It is essential for boosting immunity due to the plenty of necessary vitamins and minerals. It consumes various cuisines that are utilized as medicine with the proper guidance.

Final Thoughts

One of the earliest, oldest, and purest ways to cleanse a person or a space is by burning sage. The use of sage drives away obnoxious spirits and other bodily demands. It has employed predecessors in practice in every region of the world since prehistoric times. 

If you are having trouble making a move for some beneficial changes to your house, sage is useful. It is unnecessary if you suffer from severe mood disorders or clinical anxiety. Yet, participating in a supplementary health practice like drinking or burning sage, it's crucial to speak with your doctor.

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