Powerful Smudging Benefits: Why You Should Use your Palo Santo and Sage

Powerful Smudging Benefits: Why You Should Use your Palo Santo and Sage

Before adding palo santo and sage into the daily routine, understand the purpose of each ritual. It is essential to know the parts of using them. Yet, indigenous tribes have burned sage for centuries in their spiritual ceremonies. That is why it cleanses and purifies within some Native cultures. Therefore, the different sages have varying uses, which is essential to remember.


Both palo santo and sage are similar in some ways. Their designs cleanse the energy in your space and encourage a positive environment. However, people have been burning herbs and woods for thousands of years. These are simply two of many that use energy cleansing ceremonies. And remember not to burn sage while under the influence of any substance. Using it always comes from gratitude for these plants and the history of their intended use.


History of Smudging


Smudging is a cultural ceremony practiced by many Indigenous peoples around the world. Smudging is utilized for medicinal and practical purposes and spiritual rites; however, techniques vary. Prayer and burning sacred medicines such as sweet grass, cedar, sage, palo santo, and tobacco are standard components of the practice. While colonization suppressed such practices, smudging has endured to the present day.


"Smudging" is known from the English word "smudge." Nevertheless, the term has evolved to refer to Indigenous peoples' smudging rituals. That means holy herbs and medicines are burned as part of a ceremony for purification or health reasons. Indigenous peoples have their smudging terminologies, such as atisamânihk (Cree for "at the smudge") and nookwez (Ojibwe for "smudge medicinally").


Furthermore, smudging is a Native American tradition that has seeped into the mainstream. While the history of smoke ceremonies comparable to smudging is not unique to Native America, it is most common in their culture. There are tales of Egyptians and ancient Israelis, for example, similarly utilizing incense. However, when referring to smudging as a practice, Native American customs are mentioned.


Indeed, people worldwide have been employing palo santo and sage to produce smoke that appears to have positive effects. For that reason, it was frequently utilized to repel insects and prevent sickness. Smoke is also immensely symbolic in ascending to heaven, carrying any prayers and intentions. The smoke produced has a long history of use as part of spiritual practice, from the incense of Asia and Europe to the sage and palo santo of indigenous Americans.


How to Burn


In some ways, sage and palo santo are similar in that both are intended to cleanse the energy in you or your home to promote a more positive and tranquil environment. However, before incorporating palo santo and sage into your daily routine, it is critical to grasp the exact purpose and proper use technique. The following methods are some considerations to keep in mind:


It is important to remember that when burning either sage or palo santo, people or pets should be outside the place. It would be best if you also left a window open to allow all negativity to exit the house; otherwise, the negativity will be trapped inside. Before you begin, you should once again set your intentions for the ritual. Your objective would be to welcome abundance, happiness, and comfort.


For Palo Santo


Light your palo santo for 30 seconds, then extinguish it. Allow the smoke to circulate for 1-2 minutes to eliminate the negative energy from your space. Please remember to set a positive intention before beginning for the best results because this procedure is highly intentional, even beyond the physical smoke. While it burns out, place it on heat dishes. Always put it on a fireproof surface when you're done with your stick. Now it's ready for the next time you want to burn a palo santo wood.


For Sage

Remove all fancy ribbons from the sage bundle, leaving only the thin white string that holds the sage and flowers together. Indigenous smudging ceremonies avoid butane lighters because they feel it destroys the medicinal properties, so they recommend using a match instead. Let the sage burn for more than 20 seconds before blowing it out with a waving motion. While the smoke is still present, you can wander around the space from corner to corner, allowing the smoke to hit all the walls and corners. You are left with a rejuvenated and new safe space once your area has been cleared and the smoke has swirled out the windows. When you're finished, lay it on a dish or a sizzling plate instead of putting it out with water.


The Benefits of Using Sage and Palo Santo

  • Enhances Good Luck, Creativity, and Concentration 

Burning Palo Santo stick opens the door for creativity, concentration, and good luck. Luckily, it invites happiness into your life. And smudging these sticks creates a positive feeling in your mind. 


  • Alleviates Physical Ailments 

The Palo Santo Tea is an excellent solution for physical ailments like arthritis, cold, asthma, and throat pain. It comes along with promoting good sleep and moisturizing the skin. Also, this prevents the occurrence of cancer. 


  • Wards Off Mosquitoes and Other Insects 

Smudging the Palo Santo sticks is a non-harmful way to repel insects, flies, and termites. For that reason, it composes a great ingredient. It includes limonene which possesses insecticide properties, necessary oils, and aromatic resins. Palo Santo is an excellent mosquito repellent. 

  • Relaxes Mentally and Reduces Stress

Burning the sage or palo santo stick can make you feel more grounded. It used smudging for hundreds of years by Native American populations. For that reason, it has a connection to mindfulness. That is why burning sage's ritualistic nature helps people achieve a sense of clear mind. Additionally, burning incense can stimulate creativity and concentration and heighten sexual desire. 

  • Palo Santo for Treating Physical Ailments

Palo santo uses incense and essential oil to treat physical conditions. These conditions include depression, anxiety, colds, flu, and joint pain. When a headache strikes, the scent of palo santo can numb your pain. And for that reason, it has anti-inflammatory properties and d-limonene to prevent cancer.


In addition, palo santo wood chips can be a soothing tea to act as a natural digestive aid. Also, it relieves flu symptoms that can boost immunity.


  • Purifies the Surroundings

Smudging not only cleanses your space of negative energy but it ensures it stays in the surroundings. By smudging daily, you are inviting mindfulness and positivity into your space. Therefore, it can help you feel good. 


Yet, a comfortable space makes you happier. The more positive energy you invite, the better you will feel comfortable.


  • Boosts Overall Health and Wellbeing

All these benefits should combine to be a healthier and happier person. And using smudging helps establish a positive environment that helps eliminate negative thoughts. It includes past traumas, bad experiences, or even bad days. For that reason, it helps to establish a more favorable environment to aid your well-being. Moreover, engaging in a daily ritual can help you change your mindset and life.


  • Palo Santo for Household Use

Palo Santo's long-lasting aroma adds a spark of brightness to your home. For that reason, it is a mood-boosting property that uses oil in a diffuser that refreshes your home. It can also reduce odor and serve as a natural air freshener. Therefore, it is a great way to cleanse the air while naturally dispelling the space of lousy energy.

  • Palo Santo Cleanses Crystals

Before doing any energy work with crystals, regularly cleanse them with palo santo. It can build emotions and energy while you use them. When crystals draw out negative energy, stay energetic to be clear and prime the minds and body. It is one of the best ritual ways to cleanse your crystals for healing therapy. 


  • Cleanses and Empowers Objects

The benefits of smudging are due to the fragrant smoke produced by burning sage or palo santo. Its incense uses to smudge yourself or specified areas. You can also smear certain things. That is why it is appropriate for derivative products, new purchases, and gifts. If you're concerned about a new or unfamiliar thing's negative past or energy, smudging might help you relax. It can make the object more sacred.


  • Improves Spiritual Connection

One of the main reasons people use smudging is its ability to heighten the state of consciousness. That is why there are many ancient rituals and ceremonies. It can increase intuitive powers to make the mind more receptive. Thus, it can affect one's ability to heal others and enhance spiritual practices.


In addition, smudging can help to make the space around and your mind more conducive. For that reason, it meditates on spiritual rituals. Consider using it in your spiritual area.


  • Releases Negative Energy

The main benefit of smudging is that it removes negative energy. It is true whether that negative energy is in the environment around or within the body, mind, or spirit. That means it can help with releasing negative experiences and past traumas.


Burning Instructions

1. Begin with a clear intention to remove negative energy from your space. Then accept positive energy in its place.


2. Use a lighter, candle, or match to ignite a stick of Palo Santo. Hold it at about a 45-degree angle, pointing the tip toward the flame. Afterward, allow it to burn for approximately 30 – 45 seconds and then blow out. You can put it in an incense holder or a safe bowl.


3. Smudge from the corner and the room by moving to your space, clearing energy. You may say a short prayer when you are doing this. While waving and smudging the stick around your area, the smoke will last longer.


4. Place the stick in a fireproof ceramic, metal, or glass bowl. You can now enjoy its incense benefits.


5. The glow will end once you blow on the ember that keeps the smoke going.


6. Relight throughout the ritual when needed.


7. Ensure that the stick extinguishes entirely before disposing of it.


How To Smudge Everyday

If you're ready to make smudging a part of your everyday life, start to do these few easy steps:


  • Choose the time of day that will work best for you when you will feel most focused and present at the moment.
  • Think about positive habits that you would like to reinforce while smudging.
  • Identify your intentions for daily smudging.


Easily make smudging a part of your daily routine with proper practice. And set yourself up for daily positivity, well-being, gratitude, and mindfulness. 


Final Thoughts

Generally, smudging is one of the best ways to perform smoke cleansing. Its benefits reach the soul but don't skip over the body and mind. Knowing how to smudge with sage and palo santo is one of the things you can do for yourself. Smudging is something you do regularly. It helps to create a consistent high vibrational space where you can cleanse your crystals naturally.


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